Monitor your CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and GPU usage.


  • Monitor overall or per-thread CPU usage
  • See system process, thread, and handle count, uptime, clock speed (base and current), cache sizes
  • Monitor RAM and Swap usage
  • See a breakdown how the memory is being used by the system
  • Monitor Disk utilization and transfer rates
  • Monitor network utilization and transfer speeds
  • See network interface information such as network card name, connection type (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), wireless speeds and frequency, hardware address, IP address
  • Monitor overall GPU usage, video encoder and decoder usage, memory usage and power consumption, powered by the popular NVTOP project
  • See a breakdown of resource usage by app and process
  • Supports a minified summary view for simple monitoring
  • Use OpenGL rendering for all the graphs in an effort to reduce CPU and overall resource usage
  • Uses GTK4 and Libadwaita
  • Written in Rust
  • Flatpak first

Limitations (there is ongoing work to overcome all of these):

  • The application currently only supports monitoring, you cannot stop processes for example (#1)
  • Disk utilization percentage might not be accurate (#2)
  • No per-process network usage (#3)
  • No per-process GPU usage (#4)
  • GPU support is experimental and only AMD and nVidia GPUs can be monitored (#5)